KamRa (Komuraw / カマー) is the main protagonist of KamRa's Legacy . She is the undead human of Kameron. KamRa, after being accepted by Yūrei to live with the Mavericks in his mansion, become one of them. She is also known as "The First Female" because she is the first female to join the independent group after 80% of the Mavericks were wiped out by the Heart Stealers two months before her human self's death. 

KamRa's main goal is to kill the Heart Stealer that killed her human self (who goes by the name Terrence).


KamRa is a short young female with a medium build and curves. She is also very toned due to how much she uses her body in battle. She has black medium-length hair that reaches her breasts. Her hair is swooped to the right side, naturally spiky and wild. Because of her mixed-breed genes of undead humanity, she has odd colors. She has dark royal blue eyes with red peircing pupils. KamRa's complexion is oddly darker than many of the other races in her World. She has pale yellowish-grey skin. The rest of the other races either have white, ashen, or pale pink skin. Even those who had darker pigment as a human lose the pigment as an undead human.

She wears a burgundy striped tank top (underneath her tank top, it is revealed that she wears a series of bandaging around her breasts, apparently to have a bra role), a black hooded-jacket, black spandex shorts, a black thigh holster on her right thigh that holds her pistol and her butcher knife, a bandage that wraps around her left knee, and wears black tennis shoes.

Before KamRa Became An Undead Human Edit

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KamRa is extremely protective, hyperactive, and supportive of her Maverick family. She can be extremely playful and much of a rebel. KamRa is tough and extremely hard to break. She is strong willed and very passionate about her goals. She is self-motivated and easily inspired. KamRa is a fast learner and a quick thinker, which is extremely needed for the Mavericks. KamRa is also very expressive. Although she has her flaws, just like everyone else. She has a short fuse and thus, ends up in fights often. She is usually lectured because of this flaw. Her impulsive fighting can potentially end her up in some dangerous situations.


After KamRa wakes up from a black-out, she finds herself inside a dense forest. She has no memory about her death at this point. The weather seems somber; the skies are grey, thick clouds are covering the sun (if there even is one), and the temperatures are chilly. After she hears twigs snap around her, she sees two red figures hidden among the dark and sad looking trees. She panics and runs away deeper in the forest. She then trips over a tree root that makes her fall to the ground, only to look up to see a tall and dark human-like being, Yurei.  

Yurei was curious about her, but he notices that blood is seeping through her cape onto her chest. He kneels down in front of her and points to her bleeding wound. She is confused and then looks down at the wound to see the blood staining her clothes. Suddenly, she feels a surge of overwhelming pain and clenches her fists over her heart. Her personality switches over to something almost dark. She lets go, forgetting the pain. She looks up to Yurei with a look of almost communicating to him that she's ready for what's next. 

They take their leave. 

Sitting on the steps of the mansion were the remainder of the Mavericks from the wipeout. Yurei introduces KamRa to them. In order to see if KamRa "passes", her strength and skill must be tested. She has to go against all of the Mavericks within her age range (13-18). KamRa first won easily, and struggled through until she won against every single fight. After that, Yurei accepts KamRa to be a Maverick and shows her to the room she will live in.

Upon exiting the room, KamRa was told by Yurei that she will go on a mission soon, with a companion, to investigate the Heart Stealers, and another one in exactly a week after the investigation. He also stated that she will have Jared tag along, being the first opponent that went against her during "The Test". 

Soon, the journey for her truth, will sprout into action. 

​KamRa's Legacy: Part 2Edit

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