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After the Heart Stealer race attacked the mansion owned by Yūrei (幽霊), him and his gang of mavericks were decreased over 80%. They have constantly tried new ways of avoiding the Heart Stealers with all costs. Relocating their mansion didn't do enough because the Heart Stealers soon found them again. They have had enough and decided to get back at them, but they are at a dangerously low number, five remaining, with almost all the them still having the capability of dying. So they had to wait... Wait for someone to help them with their constant battle with the Heart Stealers; just until one teenage girl had became one of them. The newest addition to The Mavericks is KamRa (com-raw), a thirteen year old teen who is seeking revenge against a Heart Stealer who she had met in the Human World when her and the person she's holding a grudge against were still humans. After hearing the story of how the Heart Stealers destroyed their home, she understood their grief and she soon had a passion for helping them. When KamRa meets the Heart Stealer she seeks revenge against, all Hell was released.

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