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A natural undead human, Jackie The Joker.

Undead humans are humans who have been resurreced, most likely because of a shortage in their human life. There are two species of undead humans; the natural undead humans (Naturals) and regular undead humans (Regulars). Unlike some undead humans, most natural undead humans have the capability of dying. Other than the difference and the fact that Regulars were resurrected, there is nothing else that contrasts between these species. If somehow a human were to hear about this second afterlife and attempt shortening their by suicide, they'll only end up killing themselves for nothing. If humans were to commit suicide caused by depression, they have a chance.  Every human that dies and comes back to life (or also known as being resurrected) is a Regular undead human. Most undead humans, unlike the Naturals, cannot die. All undead humans are demons after their resurrection for a total of seven days. There are several species of undead humans: The Naturals (natural undead humans), Regulars (undead humans), Heart Stealers, Demons, Spirits, Jokers, and an odd group that has a mixture of Regulars, Naturals, and humans; the Irregulars. 

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